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[Italian] noun: wind
watersport coach

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Our story

vēnto is a local South Australian brand established in Henley Beach. The company was founded by Jake Mascolo, a kitesurfer who has won successive years of State Title Wave Championships as a Junior, Amateur and Open Mens. Jake has over 10 years kitesurfing experience and regularly kites great spots in SA on the west and east coasts as well as various locations throughout Australia, Hawaii and Bali. Jake kites in a range of different conditions from half foot slop to firing 10ft+ waves in all wind directions from cross-off-shore to on-shore and travels across SA to enjoy surfing and kitesurfing. With a degree in marine biology and aquaculture and a lifetime of leisure activities in the water, Jake is passionate waterman with a deep love for the ocean.

Our story

How we work

vēnto offers an exclusive private coaching experience for kitesurfers looking to improve their wave riding ability.

Each session is individually designed for each customer based on the skills they want to learn. vēnto also offers exclusive e-foil come and try sessions for beginners through to advance riders.

The e-foil sessions are usually held in the mornings with minimal wind, while the kitesurfing coaching is generally held in the afternoon depending on conditions.

All ages are welcome and sessions may change depending on age.


We love the ocean
At vēnto we are passionate about the ocean and it’s creatures which is why 10% off all profits are donated to a charity of our choosing to ensure these pristine waters are protected for future generations.

How we work


vēnto currently offers exclusive private coaching sessions for kitesurfing and e-foiling.
Kitesurfing wave coaching session (bring your own gear) 

1.5 hours $140

1 hour $100
e-foil come and try session (e-foils provided)

1.5 hours $225

1 hour $150

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Our friends

vēnto supports local businesses and can put you in contact with local dealers, suppliers and gurus.
Ocean Surf co. (kitesurfing, windsurfing, winging, foiling, SUP and surfing)
Kiteboarding South Australia (KSA membership inc. insurance) 
Clark Surfboards (custom boards)
Ding King (board repairs) 
Electric surf company (e-foil boards and accessories)

Great Australian Bight Alliance (Charity supporting our oceans)

Balu Blue Fondation Inc. (Charity supporting Wildlife Rescue, Marine Conservation, Habitat Protection)

There are some great local photographers, these are a couple of our favourites who are worth following … you never know, you might see yourself!
Maurice Windley (@Mwindley01)
Geoff Smith (@fotosportz)

Our Friends
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